The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop

For everyone who works with young people, this workshop focuses on making football safe. 

The course teaches our football workforce to promote best practice to protect young people. Candidates will learn how to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse, and understand fears involved in these concerns.

*For anyone who has previously completed the Safeguarding Children Workshop and whose qualification is due to expire in the next twelve months you can now complete the online recertification course.


Course duration

Three hours


Course pre-requisites

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age (coaching/ standalone)
  • Candidates must be at least 16 years of age (refereeing)


Course content


  • Setting standards
  • Your responsibilities
  • Best Practice
  • Introduction
  • Identifying best practice
  • Promoting best practice
  • Reviewing your practice
  • Changing behaviour
  • Self-reflections

What is poor practice? What is abuse?

  • Introduction
  • Recognise poor practice and forms of abuse
  • Recognising signs of poor practice and abuse
  • Identifying what behaviour in football would give you cause for concern

What to do about poor practice and abuse?

  • Identify why children do not tell others about poor practice or abuse
  • Describe actions to take if concerned about the welfare of a young person
  • Describe action to take if a young/person discloses information to you about possible poor practice or abuse

What next?

  • Reflect on what you have learnt or experienced
  • Reflect on your current practice
  • Taking action: for you, your club, team or organisation
  • Taking action for yourself

This is an interactive course and participants should expect to be involved with group work as well as individual reflections on practice. The course will cover some sensitive material.


Course aims and objectives

The workshop will raise your awareness and specifically help you to be able to:

  • Identify and build on best practice in football
  • Recognise signs of abuse and identify what behaviour causes concern
  • Identify the actions to take if you have a concern and who can help
  • Develop your action plan for change


Course fees and how to apply

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