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Cheshire FA host successful Referee's Development Day

Cheshire FA Referees’ Department ran an inaugural Referee Development Day for young and prospective officials looking to pick up the whistle.

The event, which took place at Cheshire FA Headquarters last Saturday (July 5) was attended by Level 9 (Trainee Referees) and Level 8’s (Under 16’s).

There were 40 referees in attendance and the day was enhanced by the ‘Guest Appearance’ of Premier League Referee, Mike Jones.

The event was made up of 6 outdoor practical sessions throughout the day which were designed to help these new and young referees improve their refereeing skills.

Premier League Referee Mike Jones delivered a practical session on ‘Managing the taking of a penalty kick’.

He gave great advice and insight in to how he and his colleagues do it at the highest level and all the referees were engrossed.

Mike then went on to do a Q & A session after lunch which was well received as everyone was keen to hear first-hand what it’s like to take charge of matches at the highest level in England.

Trevor Massey, Cheshire County FA Referee Development Officer said, "The feedback from the referees has been extremely positive and refreshing. Their comments show that this event will now run annually.

"One young referee stated that he was contemplating giving up, but after taking part it has reignited his enthusiasm and now he can’t wait for the new season to start.”

Trevor went on to say: “If it helps retain only one referee then the Development Day has done its job."

Anyone wishing to take up refereeing should contact Trevor at trevor.massey@cheshirefa.com

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