Cheshire FA Staff Deaf Awareness and BSL Workshop

Last month the Deafness Support Network delivered a workshop to give Cheshire FA staff the basic knowledge of BSL to build confidence in their ability to participate in simple communicative situations with deaf people.

It also gave staff an understanding of the day to day communication barriers and isolation deaf people can face.

Staff took part in a two hour workshop where they learned about different levels of deafness and had a go at lip reading and BSL. They were given tips on how to get a deaf persons attention and what good communication looks like.

The impact of running this training?

This workshop has helped Cheshire FA staff to feel comfortable and empathetic when communicating with anyone that may be hard of hearing or deaf.

This has raised the awareness of acceptable behaviour and language and how we may better encourage people to declare that they have a hearing impairment so we can ensure that they receive any support required.

Cheshire FA General Manager had this to say about the training “It was a very enlightening and engaging session that all staff thoroughly enjoyed. I think it’s fair to say that we take for granted our own ability to hear and communicate effectively. This session has made us more aware and empathetic to other people’s needs – and our job in creating a truly inclusive environment. Hopefully this is another step on our pathway to changing people’s lives through football”

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