The FA is For All


Today 11.8 million people play football in England. Yes, the national teams gain the lion’s share of attention, but the game is for everyone. It’s ‘For All’.

That's why we want to highlight some of the stories which show the power the game has to transform lives – and the part Cheshire FA and The FA plays in these stories.

To kick-off, click on the stories below, and you'll see what we mean.


Casey Stoney

Ridiculed as a kid for playing football, she proved she could play and became the boys' team 'Player of the Season'.



James Blackwell

Hid his cerebral palsy from everyone, including his fiancée. When he accepted his condition, The FA opened up a new world of football – and he went on to represent his country.


To find out more about Casey and James – and other stories showing how The FA supports everyone who wants to take up the game please click HERE.