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Clubs and Leagues

disability football in cheshire is thriving...


Clubs In Cheshire there are plenty of opportunities for children and adults with an impairment or disability to get involved in playing football.

Many football clubs have inclusive opportunities with teams and environments to suit the needs of players and encourage participation for all.

If you wish to find a local disability team to play for please use the Just Play Search Tool below. 


In Cheshire disability football has one league structure called the ‘Cheshire Ability Counts Football League’

In this league there are divisions providing opportunities for U12 and U16 teams plus adult male and female teams aged 16 and above.

The divisions are run on a round robin basis where teams come together for a fixture date once a month.

The Cheshire Disability Social League also comes under the Cheshire Ability Counts Football League, this provides footballing opportunities for adults with learning disabilities who attend Day Centres in Cheshire.

If you wish to find out more or enter a team in one of the divisions then please contact: Our Disability Officer at DisabilityFootball@CheshireFA.com or on 01606 302011.

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