Guidance for Clubs


Below you will find specific guidance for Clubs when using Whole Game System:


Logging In

For guidance on logging into the Whole Game System please click HERE. 



For information about using your club dashboard in WGS please click HERE. 


Details Tab

For information about the club details tab in WGS please click HERE. 



For an introduction to affiliating your club online through WGS please click HERE.

E-leaning guides can now be found at each step of the affiliation process in Whole Game System by clicking the 'How to guide' button.

For full guidance on the process to affiliate your club to Cheshire FA please click HERE. 


Charter Standard Annual Health Check

For guidance on how to process your Annual Health Check if you are a Charter Standard club please click HERE. 



For guidance on how to manage your club's safeguarding processes in WGS please click HERE.  


Player Registration

For guidance on the Player Registration process in WGS please see the below links:

How to assign club officials – click HERE.   
Detaching Players – click HERE.   
Data Cleansing – click HERE.   
Search & Create Players – click HERE.   
Assigning Players to Teams – click HERE.   



For guidance on how to process discipline for your club please see the links below:

Video 1 - click HERE. 
Video 2 - click HERE.

Guide - click HERE.



For guidance on inputting suspensions for your club in WGS please click HERE. 


Club Officials

For guidance on assigning and removing Club Officials in WGS please click HERE.  



For guidance on how to access information on your teams in WGS please click HERE. 


Team Officials

For guidance how to access information on team officials in WGS please click HERE. 



For guidance on how to complete ground data for your club and subsequent teams in WGS please click HERE. 



For guidance on how to find information about players from your club in WGS please click HERE.

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