Senior Cup

Senior Cup

Welcome To Our Dedicated Page For The Senior Cup! This Is The Premier Competition For Men's Football In Cheshire, Featuring Some Of Our Most Successful And Well Known Sides.

On this page you can view the fixtures & results for this current season and all relevant match report forms and rules.

Competition Dates - 2024-25

1st Round by w/ending 26th OCTOBER 2024
2nd Round by w/ending 23rd NOVEMBER 2024
3rd Round by w/ending 25th JANUARY 2025
SEMI FINAL by w/ending 22nd FEBRUARY 2025
SEMI FINAL (if req) By w/ending 22nd MARCH 2025
FINAL APRIL / MAY 2025 (date and venue to be confirmed)

Rule 14. b) Drawn or postponed games

In all Competitions (Excluding The Senior Cup) Postponed or abandoned games shall be played on the following Saturday / Sunday or where clubs have floodlights on or before the following Thursday by arrangement with CCFA

For the Youth, Junior & Minor Competitions: Postponements from the above dates cannot be authorised except for school trips supported by written confirmation from the school.

Match Reports & Rules



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Competition Secretary:

Kevin Mighall