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Cheshire FA Business Strategy 2021-24 Launched

Inclusive – Progressive – Respectful



Our brand-new strategy has been built over a number of months. Through collaboration with grassroots stakeholders and the team here at Cheshire FA, we believe we have built a strategy that will ensure football across the county of Cheshire thrives in the coming months and years.

Chairman, Dave Edmunds, spoke of his pride in the work that has gone into the strategy: “I am delighted to endorse the launch of Cheshire FA’s Business Strategy 2021/24.

"It is essentially designed to achieve the objective of us all being more inclusive, progressive and respectful of each other and the game of football, as we aim to further inspire the terms of our mission statement - CHANGING LIVES THROUGH FOOTBALL.”

Dave added: “I sincerely hope you will be part of it and support it in every way possible.”

In creating the new strategy, we are also very proud to share our new mission and values;

MISSION: Leading the development and governance of grassroots football in Cheshire For All

Championing and ensuring that football is available and safe for everyone.
PROGRESSIVE - Committed to continuously improve and be transformational in what we do.
RESPECTFUL - Set the standards for respectful behaviour across the game.

These values run through the entire strategy and the work that we will be looking to carry out.

CEO, Steve Smithies shared his excitement for the creation of the strategy: “All of the team at Cheshire FA are very proud to share our Business Strategy with our Grassroots football community. This has been a truly collaborative effort and we are very excited to get to work on bringing this strategy to life through action, communication, collaboration and hard work. Our values will run through all of the work we do and we look forward to working and serving in a way that is Inclusive, Progressive and Respectful.”

Football Development Manager, Danielle Shields added: “We do however know that we could not achieve the objectives we have in this strategy, without YOU. We are tremendously proud of the incredible efforts that our grassroots volunteers carry out week-in, week-out throughout the calendar year; for this, we are very grateful. Let’s continue to work together to take Cheshire FA forward and provide football for ALL.”

The creation of the strategy has involved the whole team at Cheshire FA and members of the team shared their excitement about launching the strategy;

Safeguarding Manager, Nadine Crane, noted: “Safeguarding and well-being are key parts of our new strategy. Through collaboration, we are keen to promote the development of safe, inclusive and diverse environments for everyone to enjoy football.”

Football Administrators, Gill Rutter and Debbie Wakefield, shared:
“I’m really looking forward to working on the Business Strategy over the next three years. We really do value the work our volunteers do across grassroots football. As part of my role, I am looking forward to supporting you all during this strategy by providing excellent customer service.”

Coach Education Manager, James Self, outlined how:
“We are keen throughout our new strategy to support the continued development of our volunteer workforce, through CPD and development opportunities across Cheshire.”

Female Pathway lead, Steph Knott, shared: “We are excited to be launching our new Women’s Euro 22 Legacy Programme as part of our new strategy, which will aim to develop coaching within the female pathway to help us continue to grow the female game across all formats.”

Business Support Manager, Greg McLean, highlighted the importance of collaboration in building the strategy: “One thing we’re really proud of with the strategy we’ve just launched is that it’s been a collaborative effort from the staff team, our stakeholders and the grassroots football community and we’re really excited about bringing this to life over the next few years by working with you all across Cheshire.”

Mike McNamara, our Compliance & Regulations Officer, explained: “Through my role of Compliance & Regulations, I am looking forward to supporting the governance of the game in Cheshire to ensure football is played in the right spirit by all.”

We look forward to working with all of our grassroots community throughout our strategy, to ensure that football is an enjoyable experience played in safe, diverse and inclusive environments for all.

Please see below to read our strategy in full or CLICK HERE to download a copy.

Cheshire FA Business Strategy 2021-24