Cheshire County FA Youth Team

The Cheshire FA County Youth Team represents Cheshire in competitive action against other counties in England, participating in both the Association of Northern Counties League and the FA County Youth Cup.


Cheshire County Youth Team 2014-15


James Campion
Harry Cain
Sam Heathcote
Jacob Evans
Joe Herbert
Sam Hughes
Ben Greenop
Nathan Butler
Ben Collins
Niall Ford
Ben Currey
Jordan Cobley
Richard Barnes
Will Booth
Cameron Cooper
Jonathan Jones
Brad Taberner
Jack Hart
Charlie Livesey
Ryan Masterson
Ryan Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Craig Ellis
Harry Mates

Management Team

Dave Fernyhough Manager
Lindsay Berry Assistant Manager
Dan Parnell Coach / Physio
Les Clarkson Coach


Fixtures & Results

Fixtures for the upcoming season can be found below, with results being added after every game.  

 Type  Fixture   Date 
 ANC Div 1  Manchester FA 0-1 Cheshire FA (Match Report) 27/09/14
 FA CYC  Cheshire FA 3-2 West Riding FA (Match Report) 11/10/14
 ANC Div 1  East Riding FA 1-5 Cheshire FA (Match Report) 25/10/14
 FA CYC  Cheshire FA 4-3 Northumberland FA (Match Report) 01/11/14
 ANC Div 1  Cheshire FA 1-1 Durham FA (Match Report) 22/11/14
 FA CYC  Cheshire FA 1-0 East Riding FA (Match Report) 13/12/14 
 FA CYC  Cheshire FA 4-1 Worcestershire FA (Match Report) 24/01/15 
 ANC Div 1  Cheshire FA P-P Northumberland FA (Postponed) 31/01/15
 ANC Div 1  Cheshire FA 3-0 Cumberland FA (Match Report) 14/02/15
 FA CYC  Liverpool FA 1-1 Cheshire FA (AET) (2-4 Penalties) (Match Report) 28/02/15
 ANC Div 1  Cheshire FA 2-1 Northumberland FA (Match Report) 21/03/15
 FA CYC  Middlesex FA 2-3 Cheshire FA (FA CYC Final) (Match Report)
 ANC SF  Cheshire FA 1-2 West Riding FA (AET) (Match Report) 18/04/15
   (All above fixtures subject to FA County Youth Cup Results).  


Association of Northern Counties Youth Competition  

 Division 1  Division 2
 Cheshire FA  Lancashire FA
 Cumberland FA  Lincolnshire FA
 Durham FA  Liverpool FA
 East Riding FA  North Riding FA
 Manchester FA  Sheffield and Hallamshire FA
 Northumberland FA  West Riding FA
   Westmorland FA

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