Play the beautiful game

With over 25,000 players regularly playing club football in Cheshire and thousands more participating in the game at a recreational level, there's never been more exciting time to get involved.

Currently, there are 27 affiliated leagues and over 3000 teams offering players of all ages and abilities the chance to play the game on a regular basis from mini-soccer to disability football.

But we don't want it to stop there.

We're dedicated to investing in the game locally and working together with you to ensure we provide as many options to play the game as possible, regardless of age, ability, gender, faith or background.

Football isn't about just playing every week.

Player support

Maker sure you keep up-to-date with all the necessary information for players, whether it be around getting your own personal insurance or making sure you know how to report concerns, to help keep the game safe and fun for everyone.

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