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Calling all players, coaches, referees, staff and volunteers - have your say on the state of your game.

The FA has today launched the 2016 Grassroots Football Survey, which will run from Monday 19 September until Friday 28 October.

In October 2015, more than 28,750 players, coaches, referees, staff and volunteers completed the inaugural online poll to assess public opinion around the grassroots game.

The results provided valuable feedback and displayed a number of positives, but also highlighted some areas for improvement.

Last year's survey – the largest ever undertaken by The FA – saw 25% of respondents say they would play more if there were better facilities available to them, emphasising the fact that not everyone has access to adequate playing facilities.

The FA has committed to spending £260million on the grassroots game, with facilities being one of the key areas of focus. The FA’s Parklife Football Hub Programme is well underway, with the first state-of-the-art multi-pitch community football hub, St. George’s Park Sheffield Graves, opening its doors this month. A second pilot hub, SGP Sheffield Northcliffe, is due to open in October.

In addition to Parklife – which aims to create up to 150 football hubs in over 30 cities – The FA has committed £48million to improving facilities directly through its funding of the Football Foundation as well as investment in 100 new turf pitches and improvements to a further 2,000 as part of The FA's Pitch Improvement Plan.

The FA also learnt that only one in five coaches polled felt they were being supported in their development. Under the new grassroots coaching programme, there will be a network of county coaches tasked with improving and supporting coaching across grassroots football with club mentoring programmes.

This year's survey will again aim to gather opinions from the players, coaches, referees, staff and volunteers that make up the 400,000-strong grassroots football workforce, to measure the progress The FA has made to date and to pinpoint areas that require focus going forward.

Martin Glenn, FA CEO said:  "I am delighted to announce the launch of the Grassroots Football Survey for the second year. Last year’s survey was completed by almost 30,000 people, and provided a valuable insight into the grassroots game from the perspective of the players, coaches, referees and volunteers who know it best.

"We took many positives, but also learnt that there is room for improvement in certain areas. As we work to improve grassroots football, it is important that we listen to those directly involved, and we continually revisit this feedback as we seek to develop the national game.

"I am hopeful that this year the survey will reach even more people involved in grassroots football and look forward to being able to take valuable feedback on board."

The 2016 Grassroots Football Survey can be completed here by clicking HERE.

Results from last year's survey are available here: http://the-fa.com/djjcfC

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