Promotion Process

Referees wishing to apply for promotion have to be aged 16 or over and have been refereeing for at least one full season.

Referees who are Level 7 and wish to apply for promotion to Level 6 and referees who are Level 6 and wish to apply for promotion to Level 5 will have apply by contacting their District FA Referee Secretary by the 1st March of that particular season.

If you register an interest to be promoted there is an administration fee of £50 that has to be paid to Cheshire FA prior to attending a compulsory 'One Day Promotion Seminar'.

Further details of how to pay the administration fee and the venue, time and date of the seminar will be supplied once interest has been submitted.

At the above seminar you will be required to sit and pass a written exam on the 'Laws of the Game'. If you are successful in passing the written exam (possible re-sit if required) you will then be assessed on 3 games. If you attain the required standard you will then be promoted to the next Level.


Level 9 to Level 8/7

A Level 9 referee will automatically become a Level 7 referee (16 years of age or over) or Level 8 (14 or 15 years of age) upon successful completion of the Basic Referee Training Course. A Level 8 referee will automatically become a Level 7 referee on reaching the age of 16.


Level 7 to Level 6 and Level 6 to Level 5

Promotion from Level 6 to Level 5 and Level 7 to Level 6 shall be based on a referee's practical performance on the field of play and other criteria as follows:

  • Written assessments by FA Registered Assessors on a minimum of three games.
  • A Level 6/5 referee wishing to be considered for future promotion to Level 4 must complete at least 5 games as an assistant referee.
  • Successful completion of a written examination & fitness test as determined by The FA.


Level 5 to Level 4

For eligibility for promotion to Level 4 a referee must also:

  • Receive a minimum of five assessments during the promotion season.
  • Have met all the above criteria.
  • Have passed a fitness test.
  • Attend an FA led promotion seminar.


Level 4 and above

Once at Level 4, a referee will be regularly assessed and may be considered for promotion by The FA. They will act as an assistant referee on the National Contributory Leagues and as a referee on a Supply League.

A Level 3 referee is allowed to referee at Contributory League Level and act as an assistant referee at Panel League Level, such as the Football Conference.

A Level 2 referee is allowed to referee at Panel League Level, and may be an assistant referee on the National List (operating in The Football League and even the Premier League).

A Level 1 referee is eligible to be a referee for The Football League and, if invited, may even be added to the "Select Group", the panel of referees on the Premier League. The final promotion for a referee on the Premier League list is to be added to the FIFA Panel of referees, covering International matches.


District FA Referee Secretary Contact Details

District FA  Referee Secretary Name   E-Mail 
 Altrincham  Chris Broadhurst
 Chester  Liam Power
 Crewe  Mike Davies
 Macclesfield  Mark Lee
 Mid Cheshire  Lea Taylor
 Runcorn  Colin Keam
 Stalybridge & Hyde  Peter Darby
 Stockport  Terry Ratcliffe
 Wirral  John Davies


If you have any queries on becoming a referee in Cheshire please contact our Referee Department:

Cheshire FA Referee Development Officer, Ed Duckworth -

Cheshire FA Referee Support Officer, Nigel Freelove -

or call the office on 01606 302003.