Changing Lives

Changing Lives Through Football

this is our mission and our aim.

The effect and impact of sport across the world has been well documented throughout history. Wars have been started, bragging rights settled, relationships cemented and tears of joy and disappointment have been shed.

Sport has stretched human endeavour to its very limits. We’ve watched in disbelief and held our breath in anticipation as sportsmen and sportswomen exceed our expectations and take us through agony and ecstasy in equal measure.

Irrespective of colour, creed, gender, age, ability, able-bodied or with disabilities – participation in sport carries us all to a different place.

No sport has had a greater influence than the ‘Beautiful Game’ itself. Football carries the hopes and fears, the dreams and aspirations, the pleasure and the pain of nearly 500 million people worldwide. Football affects us body and soul. We buy into it physically, mentally and emotionally – from cradle to grave.

At Cheshire FA we believe that football can truly change us as individuals and communities. This is our vision and mission!

It has the power and potential to provide us with enriched and enhanced lives. The work that we do demonstrates how at Cheshire FA we are in the business of… CHANGING LIVES THROUGH FOOTBALL.