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Crewe District FA

Secretary: Rick Bradfield
Contact Email: 

Year Founded: 1884

District FA History: Crewe D.F.A was formed in 1884 and as been responsible for overseeing football in this area since then, the District throughout the years have been closely linked with C.C.F.A, for many years County meetings were held at The Royal Hotel in Crewe with meetings firishing in time for Members to cross the road to catch the train home from the railway station. There are a number of Crewe DFA Officials that went on to become Officers of the County F.A including Frank Foden( Secretary) David.McMahon (Treasurer) John Davies( Assistant Secretary) David Welch(County Referee Training Officer ) with many members going on to represent  Crewe DFA on Council.

The Crewe DFA had a number of Referees that went onto the Football League Referees list including A.Barker, H. Vickers D.Wallace, N.Ashley, J.Lovatt, D.Shaw, R.Casey and Assistant list: D.Farrell, P.Harding, I.Shaw, S.Pardoe, F.Stringfellow and H.Harding.

District FA Committee:

President / Chairman: David Welch
Life Members: J.Butterworth, F.Buckingham,C.Green,P.Maddocks,D.Parker,R.Bradley, R.Bradfield.
Hon Secretary: R.Bradfield
Hon Treasurer: F.Buckingham.
Hon Refs Secretary: William Davies.
Hon Youth Secretary: Rick Bradfield.
Hon Referee Mentor Co ordinator: J.Tee
Hon Youth Manager: Richard Embley.

Full Member Clubs of Cheshire County FA:
Crewe Alexandra  ( Co of The Secretary )
Nantwich Town C.Thorpe
Willaston White Star D.Spurrier

Associate Member of Cheshire County FA:
Alsager Town

Crewe Area Representatives:

D.Cooper, G.Beadle, 

Nantwich Area 
R.Beadle, D.Salmon

Sandbach Area: M.Hargrove

League Representatives:
Crewe and District Saturday League: D.Parker
Crewe Regional Sunday League: D.Farrell
South Cheshire Youth League: J.Tee.
Divisional Rep to CCFA: P.Maddocks
Association Repto CCFA: R.Bradfield

District FA Cup Competitions:
Crewe DFA run 5 Cup Competitions:

Crewe DFA Saturday Cup
Crewe DFA Sunday Cup
Crewe DFA Junior Shield
Crewe DFA Sunday Vase
Crewe DFA Youth Cup.

We are currently in discussions with Clubs to run age related Cups and with women's football to hold a competition(s) next season.

New Volunteer Opportunities:
- We are looking to recruit new Members to help with various duties within the DFA, ie helping at Cup Finals.
- We are in the process of restarting the Referee Mentor Scheme and look forward to recruiting suitable people for that role.
- We are in discussion with a number of our Senior Referees to restart a Referee Development Group
- We would like to appoint someone with experience to set up and run Social media on behalf of the DFA.

Young Volunteer Opportunities:
- A Social Media Role.
- To liaise with youth Leagues and Referees to help us gain a better insight to the younger age group and make them more aware of what the DFA actually do for them.