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Technical Surfaces are the leading English sport facility maintenance company. With over 25 years of industry experience, their unique skill set has led to many of the country’s top pitch installers using Technical Surfaces as their preferred maintenance provider, and Cheshire FA are no different. We have been using Technical Surfaces for many years on our 3G pitch here at Moss Farm and the service is always of an excellent standard.


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Technical surfaces


“Until recently many people still considered synthetic pitches to be maintenance free, but sadly this is not the case. Having studied artificial surfaces for over 20 years we have seen many synthetic surfaces age prematurely due to incorrect or no maintenance and which have had to be replaced within their first 5 years. In normal circumstances you should expect to enjoy at least 10 years of useful life from your surface. Indeed, some pitches we maintain are well over this age, with one nearing its 25th anniversary!”

Technical Surfaces advise…

The secret is to adopt a comprehensive maintenance regime from day 1. Leaving a synthetic facility without maintenance even in the first 12 months can affect its longevity. Monitoring the pitch in that first year while it beds in is vital: maintaining correct infill levels helps to prevent the carpet fibres from folding over; repairing minor seam failures allows you to address them before they become major problems; and above all, the overall integrity of your installation can be assured

Download the Technical Surfaces seasonal guidance guide for further advice. 

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