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What is the Annual Health Check

Find out more about the Annual Health Check.

The Annual Health

The Annual Health Check helps clubs to raise and maintain the highest standards in Grassroots football.

What is the Annual Health Check?

Clubs accredited to The FA Charter Standard are Proud to maintain the high standards the programme represents. Each season, clubs make sure that their people and policies are up to the standard to make them the best possible place to play and enjoy football.

The FA support our grassroots clubs by making this process simple and efficient. Clubs manage their records through the Whole Game System. This shows clubs where things are ok and helps flag up if something is slipping or needs renewing.

This helps us to ensure football is safe, fun and inclusive for all our players who are part of The FA Charter Standard clubs.

The FA is proud to reward clubs who meet the standard. On successful completion of the Annual Health Check clubs receive special benefits and rewards from The FA. These include:

- Updated club certificate for the season

- Promotional digital resources and logos to use as part of their club identity

- Ongoing support from The FA and Cheshire FA

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