Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund

We are committed to improving pitches across Cheshire

We are committed to improving pitches across cheshire

Cheshire FA are working with the Football Foundation and Grounds Management Association to develop a grass pitch maintenance fund to be utilised by grassroots football clubs with the aim of improving the quality of grass pitches.

The need for this service is more relevant now than ever, given the cost-of-living crisis and the pressures facing grassroots football. The key principles behind the service are to provide football clubs with advice and practical solutions on a number of areas.

To qualify for the Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund a club will need their own site or security of tenure at the site they use.

What is it?
Funding can be used for contractor works (slitting, scarification, etc), equipment (soil sampler, etc), or materials (seed, fertiliser, etc). Routine maintenance works such as grass-cutting or line marking cannot be covered using the GPMF.

How much can you apply for?
For pitches graded ‘poor’ or ‘basic’ you can apply for the following: 11v11 £3200, 9v9 £2560, 7v7 and 5v5 £1920.
For pitches graded ‘good’ or ‘advanced’ you can apply for the following: 11v11 £960, 9v9 £640, 7v7 and 5v5 £384.

How to apply
In order to apply you must first complete a PitchPower submission using either the PitchPower webapp or on your computer or laptop. This is an inspection of each of your pitches that will result in a report grading each pitch, as well as recommendations from our Regional Pitch Advisor from the Grounds Management Association. More info on PitchPower can be found here.

Should you need assistance with your first PitchPower inspection, support is available.

Once the PitchPower inspection has been submitted and a report has been provided, you can now apply by logging in to your Football Foundation account and then selecting 'Start your application' under the 'Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund' option.

More information on the GPMF can be found here.


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