Inclusion - Football is For All


Football is open and accessible for all


This is The FA’s vision. Football is for everyone and we’re determined to break down barriers

which get in the way of progress.  Collectively, football has the power to inspire future generations.


At The FA, equality, diversity and inclusion means valuing and celebrating our differences. Nurturing the right working environment and culture means everyone thrives and can be themselves.

For the game, it means everyone's welcome, ensuring differences between us do not create barriers to getting into football and staying involved.

Differences can be something tangible like gender, race and ethnicity. Less obvious differences include heritage, religion, sexual orientation, unseen disabilities, family or social status and age.

We believe embracing equality, diversity and inclusion makes us stronger, and better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern game.

Despite our individual differences, one thing should never be different – the game is FOR ALL.

Cheshire FA supports the FA’s vision of Inclusion and we feel football has the power to change lives. We currently deliver inclusion projects in the female, male and disability player pathways as well as delivering a coach network and offering coach bursaries for underrepresented groups. We are working closely with community organisations to deliver new and exciting projects in the future.   


The purpose of Cheshire FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board is to provide advice, guidance and make recommendations to our Board on all equality and diversity matters and enhance our operational delivery plan. 

The Inclusion Advisory Board consists of committed and passionate individuals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspective to help guide and shape Cheshire FA’s Inclusion agenda forward.  


  • Colin Chaytors - Independent Chair & FA Disability Advisory Board Chair
  • Steve Smithies - Cheshire FA CEO
  • Kath Burgess - Cheshire Girls League
  • Caroline Bishop - St Wilfrids Church
  • Loreen Chikwira - Equality & Diversity Lecturer
  • Lucy Jones - Young Person Representative
  • Kimiyo Rickett - Local Authority 
  • Active Cheshire – lead body for physical activity and sport in Cheshire and Warrington.

Meanwhile, there also many programmes across football which support The FA's aims as part of The FA and County FAs wider inclusion programmes which will continue to be delivered. The FA's disability football programmes are some of the best in the world; they have an Asian football plan called ‘Bringing Opportunities to Communities’; a women’s strategy ‘Gameplan for Growth’ which aims to double female participation by 2020; and they continue to work to encourage football across different faiths and communities. You can find out about these and many more on The FA’s website.


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