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Referee December Bulletin

Ed Duckworth

Hello! Welcome to the first of our monthly bulletins designed to provide you with important information regarding refereeing in Cheshire.

Closed Dates

We kindly remind all referees to submit their closed dates to
Your off field duties as a referee are just as important as your on field duties and therefore keeping us informed with when you can't referee is really important.

Order of Precedence

The "Order of Precedence" of appointments, whether as a referee or assistant referee, as set by The FA, is as follows:

FA Cup
Premier League
FA Trophy
FA Vase
Affiliated Association Cup Competitions
Panel League
FA Youth Cup & FA County Youth Challenge Cup
Contributory Leagues
Supply Leagues
Cheshire FA Appointments
Cheshire FA Referee Academy Appointments
District FA Appointments
Affiliated League Appointments

*If in doubt - please ask*

Pitch Inspections

It is vital from the referees view point that when asked to undertake a pitch inspection, you do so professionally and remembering the overriding factor of player safety. At the forefront of your mind you must always think - is the playing surface safe to play on?

If a pitch inspection is required (some competitions will allow the home club/venue to postpone a match), arrive in plenty of time to ensure the inspection is complete in good time. Keep both clubs informed as and when appropriate.

Prior to reaching a decision the referee who is making the inspection should consider the following:

- Whether or not the ground (playing area) is dangerous (e.g. ice/frost)
- Whether or not conditions are could turn farcical
- The views of the home club groundsman in terms of local knowledge and draining capabilities in the event of standing water
- The existing condition of the playing surface in conjunction with the prevailing weather conditions as previously confirmed with the local weather authority

Be seen to be active and inspect thoroughly! A professional approach must be adopted when carrying out an inspection. It is not acceptable just to take a cursory look at the field of play in normal dress. Sports kit should be worn, along with appropriate footwear (i.e. football boots). All areas of the pitch should be inspected. A ball should be used to determine whether the surface is playable (for movement and bounce).
When dealing with such elements as frost or ice - remember that the highest temperature of the day is usually around mid-day. Get a forecast if necessary of the projected temperature for the time when the match is due to conclude.

- The manpower available to the home club to carry out necessary work to make the ground playable
- The time the visiting club are due to commence their journey
- Liaise with managers to gauge the thoughts of both clubs

...remember the decision as to whether the match is played, is YOURS!

Once you have made your decision it's important to communicate it with the home and the away team. At some point it is important to also tell the competition, league or Cheshire FA depending on the game you are refereeing.

What's coming up?

Mentoring Course
Apply to become a mentor today! Mentors will play an integral part in new referee development.
We expect our mentors to available at least once a month on either a Saturday or Sunday. For each game, a short mentor report will be completed and sent in to Cheshire FA via the Mentor Coordinators. Mentors will require an in-date, FA accepted CRC. A mentor training session will be held at Cheshire FA on Wednesday 24th 2018 (6:30pm - 9:30pm).

To book your place on the course please email

Observers Course (Formerly Assessors)
Apply to become an observer today! 
Observers will play an integral part in the Cheshire FA Promotion Scheme. We expect our observers to be available at least month on either a Saturday or Sunday. For each game, an observation report will be completed and sent to Cheshire FA via the Observer Coordinator. Observers will require an in-date, FA accepted CRC. An observers training workshop will be held at Cheshire FA on Sunday 18th February 2018.

To book your place on the course please email

Cheshire FA Online Referee Store

We're delighted to announce that Cheshire FA Referees Department have teamed up with Kitlocker to bring you a new online store for everything you need on match day - at a discounted price!

Click Here to access the store.

Best wishes for a great Christmas and a successful New Year!

If you have any referee information or news from your leagues, DFA's, RA's or Development Groups don't hesitate to get in touch.