Rob Jones

Referee February Bulletin

Hello! Welcome to the third of our monthly bulletins designed to provide you with important information regarding refereeing in Cheshire.

Registration 2018-19:

Referee registration will be available through the Whole Game System Portal from the 1st of March 2018.
Registration will cost £20.00 and is a mandatory requirement if you wish to referee in Cheshire. To register you will need to have an in date FA CRC and a Safeguarding Children Workshop Certificate. If you need to renew your CRC please contact Cheshire FA Referees Department will be hosting a number of FA Safeguarding Children Workshops around the County for those who need this qualification (more details to follow).

Reporting Misconduct:

Cheshire FA has recently received a high number of referee misconduct reports which have key information missing. For full guidance on misconduct report writing please click Here.

Please remember to keep reports Accurate, Brief and Clear. You also need to include the following information:

- Who (Name)
- What (Offence)
- When (Time)
- Where (Where on the field of play)

We encourage all referees to submit reports via the Whole Game System

Please click Here to see a video on how to report misconduct via the WGS.

If you require any further support with writing misconduct reports please email or call the Referees Department on 01606 302003.


Have you got what it takes to apply for promotion? For more information email

We encourage all candidates who are currently on the promotion scheme to apply for promotion next season and a decision will be made following the outcome of your current promotion.

(Minimum age is 16 and referees need to have been refereeing adult football for at least one full season).

What's Coming Up?

Apply to become an observer today! Observers will play an integral part in the Cheshire FA promotion scheme. We expect our observers to be available at least once a month on either a Saturday or Sunday. For each game, an observation report will be completed and sent to Cheshire FA via the observer coordinator. Observers will require an in-date, FA accepted CRC. An observer training workshop will be held at Cheshire FA on Sunday 18th Feberuary 2018.

To book your place on the course please email

Young Referee Development Day:

The next young referee development day will take place on Wednesday 21st February at Cheshire FA HQ. The event will start at 10:00am and close at 3:00pm and a pack lunch will be required.

The day will consist of 4 sessions:
- Camera vs Assistant Referee Offside Challenge
- Teamwork Challenge
- Recognising fair, careless, reckless and excessive force challenges
- Introduction to pre-match instructions

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to further develop as a match official and I would strongly recommend attending the event. To confirm your place please book online by clicking Here

Cheshire FA Online Referee Store:

Don't forget Cheshire FA Referees Department have teamed up with to bring you a new online store for everything you need on match day at a discounted price!

Click Here to access our store.

If you any referee information or news from your leagues, DFA's, RA's or developemtn groups don't hesitate to get in touch.