Meet Manchester Internazionale

The brand-new team brought together by the Elevens League

Meet Manchester Internazionale – the brand-new team brought together by the Elevens League

This evening marks the third week of the Wythenshawe Elevens League, but tonight is going to be more memorable than most.

In a historic first, Manchester Internazionale will take to the field as a group of strangers, brought together by the Cheshire FA Elevens League.

Their squad is mixed with players from different backgrounds, with some from the BAME community and others who have recently moved to the area.

They individually contacted the Elevens Facebook page and were grouped together by Cheshire FA Football Development Officer, Ryan Cotterill, in preparation for their opening fixture.

With the help of the Cheshire FA, Internazionale are hoping to change their lives through football and achieve a statement result in their first game of existence.

Joe Chattell, manager of Manchester Internazionale, said: “The process of creating Manchester Internazionale has been challenging yet very rewarding.

“The team has been created with a bunch of like-minded individuals who have all come together in the hope of becoming a unified and successful team.

“Ryan Cotterill from the Cheshire FA has helped us out immensely in getting us started, which we are all very thankful for.”

Chattell’s side are set to kick off at St Paul’s High School, Wythenshawe, at 7pm. Keep up to date with their opening match via updates on our Facebook Page HERE

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