Discipline members

Independent Members Required to sit on Cheshire FA's Disciplinary Panels

The FA Discipline Regulation changes were brought in, in January 2018.

The FA Discipline Regulation changes brought in January 2018 for Independent members to sit on County FA Disciplinary panels were brought in to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Discipline Commissions.

Independent members  provide opportunities for those not operating within CFA councils to be incorporated into the discipline process providing their skillset and expertise on decisions. Thus, improving the diversity of the Panel and having a true reflection of the personnel within the County.

The definition of an Independent member is where the member has no involvement other than the Disciplinary panel with a County Association.

Cheshire FA now has 8 Independent members from the County, as follows:

Mrs Kath Burgess – Secretary of the Cheshire Girls Football League and Cheshire FA Match Official

Mr Lea Taylor – Secretary of Cheshire Football League and Referee Assessor

Mr Colin Chaytors – FA Council Member and former Chief Executive of English Federation of Disability Sport

Mr Jeff Sheeran - Dock AFC – Club Secretary and Houlihan’s Birkenhead Sunday Football League – Management Committee Club Representative

Mrs Jane Morley – Secretary of Stockport County Ladies FC and Cheshire Women’s and Youth League

Miss Emma Mazurkiewicz – LLB Honours Law undergraduate and has played football for Chester University

Miss Sophie Cowell – Lecturer in Law at Chester College and Young Ambassador for Kick It Out

Mr Patrick Savage – former member of Cheshire FA Youth Forum and was part of Cheshire FA Young Leaders Development Day in 2017

We would like more Independent members, so if you are interested in the disciplinary process and would like to make a difference please contact the Compliance team for more information.


Email: Discipline@CheshireFA.com

Phone: 01606 302002