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Tarvin Athletic reaping the rewards of the FA Coach Mentor Programme

Recently, we visited Tarvin Athletic to see how the FA Coach Mentor Programme was benefitting the club.

Recently, we visited Tarvin Athletic to see how the FA Coach Mentor Programme was benefitting the club.

Since the programme started in 2013/14, mentoring has been provided to 48 different Cheshire-based Charter Standard clubs, offering guidance and support to over 300 coaches every season.

The Mentoring scheme has also impacted more than 40,000 coaches nationally across the last five seasons.

In 2019/20, our team of 11 Cheshire-based FA Coach Mentors will be supporting one Tier 1 and five Tier 2 pilot clubs on the FA Club Improvement Programme, along with a further 10 Charter Standard clubs and specific support for female and BAME coaches. 

Tarvin first got involved in 2017 after expressing an interest to be part of the programme, wanting to support the development of their club coaches. The Chester-based club have been very engaged with the programme, working with FA Coach Mentor Scott Wearden to develop their club Philosophy and coaching techniques to support and enhance player development.

Although Scott has moved on from the club to provide guidance and support to another club in the region, Tarvin’s Legacy Mentor, Steve Hawkins, benefitted from attending free FA training on our Developing Coaches Through Mentoring course.

Discussing how he was first made aware of the FA Coach Mentor Programme, Steve said: “The Tarvin FC Chairman was at one of the presentation evenings and was listening about what happens and some of the benefits.

“From a club level, we’ve operated quite individually as teams. One of the big things we were trying to do was connect the coaches. The first part was to grow those connections, then share ideas and get a culture.

“There were some massive benefits of seeing other coaches in action. There was no progression through the club, so connecting the coaches was a massive thing for us.

“I can reflect in a far better way, extract the positives to build on and create a plan to work through the areas I want to address. My interaction with the players, parents and other coaches has improved as a result.

“I feel more comfortable in my role, more open to learning opportunities and feel I can interact with the coaches in a way that builds those positive connections. This has been a injection of solid technical and non-technical input covering all aspects of coaching, it’s raised my game and ambitions for myself and the players.

“If you have the desire to develop, you want your club to develop, you want to improve the level of football within your club, then this is the way to achieve it.

“The programme a partnership that empowers the clubs to achieve their goals. If you commit to the process, then it is hugely rewarding. There is a huge desire from the regional FAs to support clubs and this vehicle allows them to do that to create a legacy for the clubs to take ownership of their own vision and purpose.”

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Tarvin Athletic FC FA Coach Mentor Programme
Recently, we visited Tarvin Athletic to see how The FA Coach Mentor programme was benefiting the club.

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