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AFC Waverton discuss their female football growth

The club provide female football for players aged 5-17

AFC Waverton have around 100 girls playing football at their Club, with ages ranging from 5-17yrs.

The youngest group of girls play at their Wildcats Girls Football Centre, whilst the other ages play within the Cheshire Girls League and Cheshire Women’s and Youth League.

AFC Waverton believe that girls will come along, stay and feel much more confident and secure in a girls-only environment. Playing football for girls helps them build life skills, confidence, fitness and friendships.  

AFC Waverton is a friendly club with a philosophy which encourages success but also promotes inclusivity and participation.

They welcome all girls irrespective of their ability or experience. There are no trials for girls at the club and they never turn people away as they strive to increase participation.

AFC Waverton website quote

In the next 5-10 years, AFC Waverton would like to see the number of girls at the club equal or exceed the number of boys.

Mike Worden, Head of Girls Football and coach for U18 Girls Team, said: "I got involved in junior football when my eldest daughter wanted to play when she was five.

 “The most enjoyable and rewarding part of my role is to inspire and enable others to love the game.

“I am amazed that with all the distractions in their lives, these teenage girls actually manage to train every week and play every weekend.

"I hope that when they are older, they will look back on their time at AFC Waverton and think that it was a great time.

"Cheshire FA have also been very supportive in everything we have wanted to do.

"Our on-field success is growing, and it would be good for us to be recognised as a real go to club in the area, one which is a model."

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