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National Mentoring Day - Mentoring Kept Me Coaching

Lucy Jones
Our second article on National Mentoring Day highlights the value of mentoring.

Without the mentoring I received my coaching journey would have stopped weeks after beginning!

Lucy JonesI have been lucky to receive mentoring from my club chairman as well as a Cheshire FA mentor who have taught me everything I know. Both my mentors have helped me improve my coaching, through always being available and planning, reviewing. They allowed me to build my skills through developing my coaching slowly, so I was not overloaded with too much key information. I have learnt many key tips and tricks from them which I still use so that I am always learning such as observing other coaches to benefit from their styles. 

My mentors provided me many fantastic opportunities allowing me to view the game from many different perspectives which has allowed me to continue and develop my coaching journey. These opportunities have allowed me to gain vocational skills and experiences leading me to my personal vocational choices which I feel I wouldn’t have considered choosing without my mentors! The opportunities have been amazing experiences which have developed my coaching journey as well as grow as myself. Through my mentoring I have been able to gain my level 2 coaching badge, work with the inclusion board, work with FA staff on a project and collaborate with other youth leaders within the regional youth network connected to the FA youth council. This has enlightened me in the many aspects of the game which I have learnt key essential life skills and experiences such as interpersonal skills like building my confidence. 

Without my mentors I would not have been aware of many experiences that are available to youth leaders which have shaped my vocational choices and coaching journey. I will always be thankful for the opportunity I have to be mentored as without my mentors I would not be where I am now on my journey.