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Customer Excellence

At Cheshire FA, we are keen to ensure that all members of our grassroots football community receive an excellent customer experience.

Following the feedback from YOU, our stakeholders, about your experiences with our telephone system, we set about investigating what options were out there to make managing your queries a much smoother process and a more enjoyable experience from a customer perspective.

Our Business Development Manager, Greg McLean explains “The telephone system is an area I have spent a lot of time on over the past year. We were aware that the experiences of our customers and stakeholders was not at an acceptable level that we ourselves aspire to provide. So I set about researching the best telephone systems for the service we provide. Having reviewed and conducted demos of several systems, it was clear the system provided by G-Force Communications was exactly what we were looking for. Their 3CX system is a simple and effective system to use as a member of staff, and from an end-user experience, it is much easier to navigate the system.”

281022 G Force

“Once we got the system in place, it was then a case of ensuring colleagues felt confident using the system and answering the phone. This has become a key part of our culture now on a daily basis, and I thank the team for their trust and commitment in the system.”

Since launching the new system in May 2022, call volumes have been monitored on a daily and weekly basis to ensure calls are being answered at the levels expected. In August and September, the team answered over 3000 phone calls, which is an incredible achievement at our peak point of the year with preparations for the new season well underway with affiliation, league sanctioning and referee registration.

We are maintaining a solid level of 95% of telephone calls answered since May. 

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Now that this system is established and customers are able to get their calls answered and queries resolved in a timely and high-quality manner, we have decided to review the telephone system operating hours. From 1st November, these will now be 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday. 

This change will provide staff with dedicated, undisturbed time to provide answers to the high volume of email queries we receive across our personal and group mailboxes.

We will be making further adjustments to our email queries system in the coming weeks.

Greg McLean added “I am keen for our customers to have the best experience possible and so I am keen for this change to provide an opportunity for us to respond to email queries in a more effective manner. This is an area I am passionate about and as proved with the success of our new telephone system, I believe this movement will be a positive one as we move forward.”

We look forward to continuing our work with you all, our grassroots football community.