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Cheshire FA & Everton FC Working Together For CPD Coaching

CPD Coaching Between Two Established North West Football Organisations

Cheshire FA is proud to have worked alongside Everton Football Club by providing a specialised coaching event.

The event, the first of our series of Coach CPD events in partnership with Everton FC, took place last weekend. The event consisted of fifty experienced coaches, who observed a theory and practical demonstration.

The focus of the demonstration was on how to attack and defend one-on-one situations on the pitch. This includes how to win the ball by using strength, concentration and skill, but also while maintaining the safety of yourself and the oncoming opposition player.

The event also included a practical session that included the participation of three local grassroots teams. Appleton and West Kirby provided the three teams who contributed to this segment of the coaching event.

These events are all focused at promoting CPD, or Continued Professional Development, as per the guidance of the English FA. Because learning and development are ongoing processes that never reach an end point, it's crucial for players of all ages and backgrounds to maintain their own evolution on the pitch based on their experiences throughout their career, and by making the most of every and any opportunity to learn.

This is especially true when established football clubs and significant organisation bodies work together to provide such training, as was the case for last weekend's coaching event.

Further coaching CPD events will be held in the months to come, so look out for updates on these events as an opportunity to develop your own skills.

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