Inter-League Walking Football Match

Inaugural Inter-League Match for the Cheshire Walking Football League

Over-60s Cheshire Walking Football League team recently played its inaugural match against the Greater Manchester Walking Football League (GMWFL).

Cheshire FA is delighted to support the formation of the Over-60s Cheshire Walking Football League team, which recently played its inaugural match against the Greater Manchester Walking Football League (GMWFL).

The match took place at Heywood on 8 November 2023, hosted by the GMWFL. 

Five Cheshire Walking Football League clubs were represented, with players divided into two Cheshire teams (West and East). The representative clubs included: 

  • Neston Nomads
  • Chester Northgate
  • 1874 Northwich
  • Altrincham 
  • Stockport Community Foundation 

Inter-League Walking Football Match

CWFL Back Row Left to Right: Keith Whittle, Kevin Jackson, Grahame Rowley, Alex Huntriss, Steve Hunter, Phil Bentley, Geoff Hall, Fran Perez (Guest player and CWFL Official).

CWFL Front Row Left to Right: Tony Roberts, Barry Groom, Peter Knight, Nick Dykes (Captain), Kevin Hinds, Roddy Craig.

In a thrilling encounter, the GMWFL teams showcased their skill and seasoned experience with intricate passing and tactical awareness, demonstrating why they are a force to be reckoned with. Cheshire, undeterred, stood firm, pressed high, disrupting GM's rhythm, and denied them space. The midfield battle was competitive, with both teams vying for control.

Although GMWFL eventually clinched victory in three out of the four games, the Cheshire team spirit and relentless effort ensured the matches were closely contested. Notably, Cheshire East secured a well-earned 2-2 draw in one of the games.     

Acknowledging the hard-fought contest, the GMWFL said: “There was some excellent football on display and although this was the Cheshire Walking Football League first ever match, they were very impressive against several of our lads who were the WFLA Inter League Over-65 National Champions in both 2022 and 2023.” 

Nick Dykes, Cheshire Captain, went on to say: “All in all, it was a great first showing against a league team with far more history than us. I think we matched them as individuals but collectively they were more cohesive and better balanced on this occasion.”  

The results were: 

Game 1 - GMWFL 60s 2-2 Cheshire East 60s
Game 2 - GMWFL 65s 1-0 Cheshire West 60s
Game 3 - GMWFL 60s 3-1 Cheshire West 60s
Game 4 - GMWFL 65s 2-1 Cheshire East 60s

The Cheshire WFL goal scorers were: 

Game 1 - Peter Knight (1), Fran Perez (1)
Game 3 - Nick Dykes (1)
Game 4 - Peter Knight (1)

The Cheshire FA wishes to thank Bill Murney (GMWFL General Secretary) for organising and hosting the match. 

Also, we wish to thank Fran Perez for organising the Cheshire Team, who concluded by saying: “The match was a perfect example of Walking Football at its finest, with impressive skill and great sportsmanship on display. I thought we did exceptionally well, especially considering it was our first competitive match together. I would like to thank all players that took part, and we look forward to the return match in March 2024.” 

Cheshire Walking Football League (CWFL)

The Cheshire Walking Football League, supported by the Cheshire FA, was recently launched in April 2023, and operates two divisions: one for the over 50’s and another for the over 60’s, with matches centrally hosted at Moss Farm in Northwich, the headquarters for the Cheshire FA.

The Cheshire Walking Football League is also a proud member of the Walking Football Leagues Alliance (WFLA), providing member clubs and players with additional competitive opportunities in the following regional and national cup competitions:

  • Lancashire & Cheshire Cup
  • WFLA National Cup
  • WFLA League Champions Cup
  • WFLA Inter-League Cup

For any club interested in joining the Cheshire Walking Football League, please use the form below or email The next season will start in March 2024