Inter-League Walking Football Competition

Cheshire Hosts Inaugural Inter-League Walking Football Competition

Teams representing Walking Football leagues in Cheshire and Greater Manchester compete at Moss Farm in first-ever competition.

Cheshire FA became the host of the inaugural Inter-League Walking Football competition earlier this month, as four teams competed for glory representing their respective leagues.

The winners and runners-up of last year’s Greater Manchester Walking Football League and Cheshire Walking Football League competed in the first-ever competition. Kingsmaid and Wakefield Wanderers represented the Manchester league, while Cheshire were represented by 1874 Northwich and Altrincham.

The opening fixtures saw Kingsmaid emerge 5-0 winners over Altrincham, while Wakefield Wanderers defeated 1874 Northwich 4-0. The later round of fixtures were derbies, as Kingsmaid narrowly edging past Wakefield Wanderers 2-1, and 1874 Northwich beating Altrincham 3-0. The tournament’s final fixtures both ended with 2-0 scorelines, as Kingsmaid overcame 1874 Northwich, and Wakefield Wanderers claimed victory over Altrincham.

Inter-League Walking Football Competition

The results over the course of the day meant that Kingsmaid won the inaugural Inter-League competition, with Wakefield Wanderers runners-up.

The competition was a perfect example of Walking Football at its finest, with impressive skill and great sportsmanship on display,” said Fran Perez, who co-ordinated the competition.

“A big thanks to all the teams for making this event a success. I also want to express my gratitude to Cheshire FA for sanctioning and hosting the event at Moss Farm, and to Bill Murney, GM WFL General Secretary, for his help and support in getting the competition up and running.

“I’m excited about the prospect of more collaboration, and friendly rivalry, between our two respective leagues in the future.”

Inter-League Walking Football Competition

The competition’s venue will alternate annually between Cheshire FA’s HQ in Northwich and the Great Manchester Walking Football League in Heywood – and we hope for a successful return of the competition next year.

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