Walking Football Invitational

Cheshire Walking Football Invitational

Sunday 7 January saw our Moss Farm HQ host a four-team Walking Football tournament.

On a sunny day at Moss Farm, the Cheshire FA invited four teams to compete in a friendly tournament that showcased the skill and spirit of walking football.

The tournament consisted of four teams from two regional leagues:

- 1874 Northwich 50+ and 60+; Cheshire Walking Football League
- Bolton Arena 50+ and Northwest 50+; WFA Northwest 50+ League (NW50+)

Walking Football Invitational

The tournament was played in a round-robin format, with each team playing three games of 30 minutes each. The games were full of excitement, with a lot of goals, spectacular saves, and impressive skills to admire.

The final standings of the tournament were as follows:

Team Points
Northwest 50+ 7
Bolton Arena 50+ 7
1874 Northwich 60+ 3
1874 Northwich 50+ 0

The Northwest 50+ team emerged as the winners of the tournament, edging it slightly on goal difference.

The two NW50+ league teams displayed their seasoned experience with intricate passing and tactical awareness, whilst 1874 Northwich showed resilience and courage against the two sides from a more established league.

Well done to all teams.

Walking Football Invitational

Fran Perez, Cheshire FA Walking Football Development Coordinator: “I wish to congratulate all players and officials for their efforts and for making the event a success. I also wish to thank Marcus Brown for his kind support and for coordinating the teams at his end. I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration to advance and grow walking football in the region and to forge closer links between our respective leagues.”

Marcus Brown, NW50+ League Secretary and Bolton Arena Football Manager: “I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Fran Perez, and I applaud his unwavering enthusiasm towards the growth of the game. Our shared vision for the sport will be a driving force behind our collaboration, and I am genuinely looking forward to a reciprocal visit at Bolton Arena. Our players had an exceptional day, experiencing superb hospitality that added to the overall enjoyment of the event.”

The Cheshire Walking Football League

In April 2023, we launched the league with a mission to promote and develop Walking Football across Cheshire.

Since then, we have achieved remarkable milestones that have elevated the quality and prestige of our league:

  • We secured WFLA membership, giving our member clubs access to more regional and national competitive
    opportunities and benefits.
  • We created the Lancashire and Cheshire Cup, a joint venture with the Greater Manchester League that celebrates
    the best teams from both leagues, with Club Kingsmaid winning the inaugural competition.

Our next goal is to facilitate the launch of the Northwest Alliance Cup, an annual pre-season event that will feature the top teams from across the region. We are hopeful that by working together with all regional Leagues and County FA’s, we can achieve this vision.

For any club interested in joining the Cheshire Walking Football League, please use the form below or email Fran Perez at info@cheshirefa.com

The next season will start in April 2024.