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The Big Switch On!

Pop-Up Floodlights work wonders for Brooklands Dragons JFC

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up numerous challenges for our clubs to face.

Brooklands Dragons JFC found themselves struggling to find a venue to be used for winter training.

After many failed attempts to find a suitable venue that either complied with the new Covid-19 restrictions, was open to the public or was not fully booked, the club decided to utilise their home ground for winter training and apply to the Football Foundation for portable floodlights.

With the help from our Facilities & Investment team, the Football Foundation approved of the club’s application and granted the club funding to purchase the necessary equipment and start using it before they were left with no training facilities.

brooklands dragons

The Pop-Up Floodlights in action at Brooklands Dragons.

Graham Hill, Secretary of the Brooklands Dragons JFC said “Without these floodlights, the club would have had at least 200 children unable to train this winter.

As a club we would like to thank the people at the Cheshire FA and the Football Foundation who made the application process so easy to follow, understand and complete.

“Due to their help and assistance we now have over 200 children from the ages of 5 to 18 who can train and play football this Winter.”

Vesta Pear, Facilities & Investment Manager said “Brooklands Dragons JFC acted very quickly once they were aware of the venue closures and, with the help of the Football Foundation, were able to find a solution. Cheshire FA have provided support with the application process to make sure a timely decision was made before any teams were left without training facilities.”

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